The self-assured, bold and rebellious character of the founder of the Chanel fashion house, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, and her youthful years before she became known as Coco, inspired the latest Chanel pillar fragrance, Gabrielle.
Gabrielle was introduced in Paris and is expected to be on the market in August or September 2017.
With this perfume, the house of Chanel “opens a new chapter in its history. New name. New bottle. New perfume. New territory for expression and inspiration.” (via) The scent represents an ode to women, trying to convey the personality of Gabrielle Chanel.
Announced as an “abstract floral fragrance” and described as solar and airy, Gabrielle Eau de Parfum includes white flower accords, including tuberose from Chanel’s garden in Grasse, ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom. The composition is signed by perfumer Olivier Polge. Gabrielle is conceived as an imaginary floral aura that diffuses its luminous power, accompanied by the freshness of citruses and black currant in its opening and founded in a warm and woody base.
Olivier Polge explained the inspiration as: “I chose those ingredients because they are part of our vocabulary. I think these ingredients must express something very true to her taste and her personality. Gabrielle is a very floral scent. It’s floral, solar, luminous and it’s also very feminine. When I created the fragrance, I didn’t know how it would be used. I like to think that people are going to make something very personal out of it.” (via)
The new bottle and packaging, which took five years to be made, are designed by Sylvie Legastelois, head of packaging and graphic design creation. She wanted it to be jewel-like yet simple and in line with the classic bottles of the house. The square bottle is coloured in a soft golden shade that transmits the light, as a symbol of the sunny character of the fragrance. It is made of fine thin glass with a pump of a unique material. For the matte-lamé stopper, Sylvie was inspired by a box given to Chanel by the Duke of Westminster and metallic haute-couture fabrics.