The exclusive collection of Les Absolus d’Orient presented by the house of Guerlian is enriched with a fourth edition. After the fragrances, Santal Royal, Ambre Eternel and Oud Essentiel, the Orient lands and one of the most mysterious of ingridients, musk, inspire the latest creation.
The creator of the composition Musc Noble is Guerlian perfumer Thierry Wasser, who enhances the depth of musk with a magnificent rose and a vibrant note of cedar.
In June 2018 Guerlian launches this noble musk, built from woody, floral and spicy aromas. In the opening, there are bright and sharp notes of pink pepper and saffron, combined with geranium, which announces a rich heart filled with opulent rose and musk in full strength. In the base, white amber and cistus labdanum contribute to the warmth and density of the composition, along with woody cedar chords.
The new fragrance bottle has a burgundy red color with gold-colored details and a red with a gold ribbon around the neck of the bottle.