McGrath finally reveals her latest need-it-now creation from Pat McGrath Labs: Metalmorphosis 005, the brand’s biggest launch yet. “It’s the full kit to eye heaven,” McGrath says of the shimmering cream and powder shadows that, through the purest of pigments, allow her to perform breathtaking alchemy. Fans who missed out on the first limited run of Gold 001 will be thrilled to learn of its rerelease, along with three new shades: a burnished copper, burnt bronze, and that soft silver. “Everyone was so insane for the gold, I thought, how far can I push these colors?” McGrath adds.
Quite far, it turns out, with a glob of clear Mehron Mixing Liquid to shift the shadows from sheer to opaque with a bit of blend—taking them from barely there shimmers to seemingly molten metals. The ultimate felt-tip black liner—one end skinny, one thick and slanted for “super-editorial” looks—is the cosmetic cherry on top.
Launching November 15, Metalmorphosis 005 will be available as cream-and-powder sets in individual colorways with the aforementioned mixing liquid and the Black Dual-Ended marker (also sold separately, for true eyeliner devotees), or as the coveted complete bundle aptly titled Everything, destined to become an instant classic. “Pop it with your finger on the mouth with lip balm,” McGrath says of the bold shadow’s surprising ease and versatility. “With bare skin, that’s the modernity. Isn’t it major?” Resoundingly, yes.